Perhaps our most important role as a photographer is to show the viewer something they may not have seen for themselves. This is a collection of images where a relatively inconsequential subject can, I hope, provide an interesting image.

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It has always been a source of puzzlement to me that photographers ignored the invention of colour film for so long.
Perhaps because of my graphics education, I have been a committed 'colourist' from the start and had my first colour photography exhibition in Hamiltons Gallery London in 1984.
This is a collection of images which depend for their existence on colour.

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Over the last 30 years I have returned to Ireland regularly to take pictures, I am fascinated by their uninhibited use of colour. This doesn't extend to clothing or anything other than buildings and is shared with unlikely places, such as the West Indies and Africa.

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Throughout the world dummys always seem to be European, even when they are manufactured in the Far East. I find their expressionless faces and frozen positions both interesting and not without humour.

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A collection of pictures all shot from moving vehicles, cars, trains, rickshaws. They freeze a moment that is normally so fleeting we only get a blurred glimpse.
The collection was exhibited at Lupe Gallery London in June 2004 and published as a book in November 2004.

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A series of pictures taken in Taroudant, Morocco, at night. These images would probably not be possible without a digital camera.

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I have had the good fortune to shoot for some great clients in some very exotic places. This is a small selection of those shoots.

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I was born in Northern Ireland and moved to London in the Mid '60's.
I trained as a Graphic Designer and went to work at CDP during the 'Mad Men' era of British Advertising.
By 1968 I was joint Creative Director of Euro Advertising with my partner Robin Wight.

But within a few years I was shooting my own ads and I put down the pencil and picked up the camera.
I have always extolled the virtues of colour in photography, even when it was deeply unfashionable in the 70's and 80's and published a book called 'Colour Prejudice' containing a collection of images that could not work without colour.

Perhaps it was the unbridled, uninhibited use of colour that surrounded me in my youth, that made black and white seem to take itself too seriously or was too removed from real life.

Whatever the reason, the choice came at a time when the world of printed media made its turn in the same direction. As this ripple turned into a wave it has carried me on many a beautiful journey and commission, often to countries that shared this hunger for colour - the Caribbean, Africa the USA. and of course Ireland.

I had my first one man show at Hamilton's Gallery, London in 1984, where I also exhibited in 1992.

'Incidental Images' was shown at the Association of Photographers Gallery, London in 2001 and 'Drive by Shooting' was first exhibited at the Lupe Gallery, London in 2004.
A book of the same name was published in 2004.

I joined with a small group of like minded photographers in 2006 to form a high quality image library called Lensmodern.

My work is in the collections of both The Royal Photographic Society and The National Museum of Photography and I have exhibited at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.

I share my life with my clan of creative storytellers, my two children and my wife, Jane.


Mobile: +44 (0)7768 876 129


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